About this site

I've published things across a number of my domains, including mocksession.com, ilovecitr.us, and burke-communications. Since I'm not currently in possession of any of those sites (or, more accurately, the server on which they exist), I'm pulling out another of my arrays of domains I bought decades ago for this project.

Wait, what?

Sign up, we'll explain everything eventually.

This is just you taking the Ghost default About page text and slightly modifying it, right?

So, yeah, this is mostly going to be an umbrella under which all the content we've been working on over the past few years is going to be published, assuming we get enough of it back.

So what is this going to be about?

This project is about the idea of entertainment, what it means to be entertained, and by that nature hopefully provide you with stuff that is itself entertaining.

Have you really owned this domain for 20 years and done nothing of value with it?

More than 20 years! You're never too old to be what you could've been.