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Veronica Mars is over, just as it was setting up for a beautiful fourth season.

The silence you've heard around here has been a vigil to the impending announcement.

I think the most heartbreaking part was the presence of none other than Neko Case in the finale.

Welcome your new overlords, shows with names like Reaper and Gossip Girl.

And buy the Season Three DVDs. There's always hope for a Serenity-like big screen appearance.

As for me, I'll be around a bit more often. We're coping, and if you haven't picked up on it yet, Veronica Mars being canceled is just a metaphor for... a lot of what's been going on the past three months.

Dear Veronica Mars,

If you keep choosing Logan over Piz, I'm gonna quit watching the show. And very subtle of you to add Ms. Bell's anti-meat politics to the plot of the show, too.

Nice to see Mac get the hookup, though. Sometimes I think I'd much rather have a girl like her than Veronica anyway.

I'm practically erect

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Yeah, grabbed the season premiere of Veronica Mars tonight. Watching it now. Only five minutes in... already disappointed by the new "We Used To Be Friends" remix. My favorite part of the show was the slide into the intro. Oh well. Back to watching... so excited... so very excited.

Edit: The girl only cracked a murder case and was nearly killed by a movie star. And yet nobody at the college in that town knows who she is? Has Neptune been victimized by a case of mass amnesia?

Oh, and great job showing the campus feminist group. Nothing like stereotyping feminists to their most extreme archetype. I heard all blacks are criminals, hispanics are lazy, and Asians are good at math, too. Shame, Rob Thomas, Shame! And eeew, sweaty Scientologist Jason Dohring. I wish Veronica was still a virgin. Well, except for that, you know, first part, since that was pretty important to this being a show in the first place.

I won't give away plot details. I know most of you will be watching this on TV :-)

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