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My, he is accomplished

2010 January 8 8 11 50.jpg

  1. That really tells us nothing about this guy. After all, I edited an underground newspaper when I was a senior in high school.

  2. That fact is something that, by definition, is something that has to be self-disclosed, and if it’s to the degree that it is being listed in a Chyron sidebar, well, he must be awfully proud of it.

  3. Yeah, I’m proud of my underground newspaper too, but I don’t list it in my Vita.

We love Deadspin and fat people

Thanks to Deadspin for the 30fps praise this morning.

I tend to keep MSNBC on all day while I do other things, and it’s usually muted. So when I glance at it and see this, my imagination runs wild with the possibilities of what they could possibly be discussing:

2010 January 5 9 27 29.jpg

Fiesta Bowl screencaps

I’m sick of seeing shitty Fiesta Bowl screencaps of Cowbell Girl and otherwise. Get the good ones at 30fps.mocksession.com. That is all.


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