This whole health care debate is way simpler than y'all are making it


It has occurred to me that most of the individuals opposed to publicly-funded health insurance in the United States are also opposed to legal abortion.

This is very convenient, as there is a indefatigable argument you can make in response to these people.

If you are pro-life, then you must support publicly-funded health insurance. You cannot argue that a human being needs the protection of the public only until he or she emerges from his/her mother’s uterus. That is, frankly, a ridiculous concept.

If you believe that a human being deserves to be protected for his/her welfare, then that is what you believe. The age of that human being is irrelevant. You cannot be pro-life and anti-publicly-funded health insurance because that is prima facie hypocrisy.

Okay, so maybe you think that adults can fend for themselves. You’re still an idiot, but I’ll even grant you that. So we make a deal: everything is covered until you turn 18. Fair? None of this Medicaid stuff, no TANF, no food stamps. Single-payer for everything a child needs to be healthy.

If you do not support that, you cannot be pro-life. Period. There are zero arguments that can be made in favor of banning abortion that cannot be cross-applied to public support and health insurance for children.

I invite you to try, but you can’t do it. It’s impossible. If you believe in the protection of human welfare, then that is what you believe; a person’s right to live does not suddenly disappear once they arrive out of a vagina.


You're seriously trying to fight these people with logic? Hokay.

I personally love the argument that the government cannot do anything right and thus should not be in charge of health care, let alone anything else. I especially love it when it comes out of the mouth of my federally employed coworker who would have NO prospects for a job if not for the government. (Obscure fields of conservation biology only work for those who willingly work for the gov't or go all out research professor on it.)

Don't try to make these blanket statements of "impenetrable logic" - the age is absolutely relevant. I don't feel that I should have to explain this, but public health care and protection before birth aren't the same thing. It isn't the public who's trying to kill a child before it's born, either.

Oops! Did I just do the impossible? Don't bother replying, I don't read the blog.


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