Conservatives are always wrong


“Conservatives are always wrong.”

That’s all that liberal politicians should really say when it comes to contentious issues. Conservatives are always wrong. Throughout the entire history of the United States of America, the conservatives have always been wrong.

Conservatives stood for the status quo as Loyalists, willing to be subjects to an unelected King. They were wrong.

Liberal Framers like John Adams and Ben Franklin tried to write the declaration of a new nation that would consider all men free. Conservatives from the South fought (and won) for the exclusion of this language, and ensured that blacks would be enslaved for another 89 years. They were wrong.

Pro-business conservatives tried to block child labor laws. They were wrong.

Conservatives fought against women’s right to vote. They were wrong.

Conservatives banned alcohol. They were disastrously wrong.

Conservatives fought to keep interracial marriage illegal. They were wrong.

Conservatives stood for integrated schools and against the Civil Rights Act. They were wrong. They jailed Rosa Parks, which was wrong, but convenient, and a great act of IRL trolling.

Conservatives thought it was okay for employers to deny employment on the basis of race, sex, or religion. They were wrong. They thought blacks needed to use separate drinking fountains, which is both wrong and ridiculous.

Conservatives fought to keep homosexuality illegal. They were wrong.

Conservatives prosecuted John Scopes for teaching evolution. They were wrong.

Conservatives tried to stop the creation of Social Security for our elderly citizens. They were wrong.

Note here how many of these instances deal with conservatives siding with Big Business. In fact, it is an inevitability that when conservatives side with big business on the issue of social change, they are wrong. History ALWAYS records the conservatives as being on the wrong side; this is not because history writers are liberal, but because CONSERVATIVES ARE ALWAYS WRONG.


Conservative talk show hosts like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Glen Beck take sentences out of context and fabricate facts to fit their agenda. THEY ARE WRONG!!!

conversatives mostly can be found in our country, philippines...but since we were covered now with liberated people....only 40% of conservatives are left here...and when talking about they are wrong...some might agree and some might my own opinion, it originated in religions..but thats only my opinion...


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