Michael Jackson is dead, but this is the real tragedy

So Michael Jackson is dead. There are plenty of jokes to be made (two famous white women die on the same day, amirite?) but this is what pisses me off about this whole affair.

When I heard Jackson had been rushed to the hospital, and was probably dead, I yelled out to the Grapefruit Gal, asking what channel MTV was. Then I switched to it, and found this:


I tried MTV2. I tried VH1. Nothing. But really, even MTV2 is a disgrace.

MTV would not exist without Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson would not exist without MTV. One of them is gone, and the other one might as well be. That MTV is so brazenly ignoring this story (in b4 “it’s on MTV News,” if such a channel exists, I don’t get it) goes to show how far our culture has gone; the entertainment news has migrated to our “real” news media, and the entertainment news media now doesn’t inform us of anything — entertainment or otherwise.

Once upon a time, Kurt Loder walked American teens through Operation Desert Storm.


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