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Since I’m still seeking work, I’ve thrown myself into household tasks. For example, I’ve built a garden. Two of them, actually, a vegetable garden and an herb garden. Here is what they looked like last week — I’ll try and update with more pictures as I can. They’re all growing very well. Edit: The Grapefruit Gal feels I did not establish clearly enough that she helped build the garden. I am editing this post under duress of having to sleep on the couch.

the trouble with Michelle Malkin

Batshit insane Republican commentator Michelle Malkin has a problem with Meghan McCain:

You know what’s wrong with Meghan McCain? It’s not her weight. It’s not her voice. It’s not her looks. She’s a beautiful young girl with TV-friendly poise and natural charm. The trouble with Meghan McCain is that, like her father, she has no fixed ideological principles — conservative, liberal, or otherwise.

You know what’s wrong with Michelle Malkin (and most Republicans)? They think that having fixed, immutable ideologies is a POSITIVE QUALITY. And that’s the difference between a Republican and a Democrat: Republicans stick with their ideology regardless of whether it works or not; Democrats possess the ability to admit when their ideas don’t work (which is often).

Brainy stuff

David Post wrote a very extensive article about my Microsoft Songsmith work and copywrite implications on Volokh yesterday.

urban legends

So that whole “freeze a dead hard drive to bring it back to life” trick? It works. Or at least it works until the drive warms up, which in my experience, is after about two minutes.

The wonderful Target Drive Mode built into Apple’s computers for the last ten years or so means that I have been doing the following every 12 hours:

Take dead Macbook hard drive out of freezer Put drive into my Macbook Turn Macbook on, connected to Grapefruit Gal’s Macbook COPY EVERYTHING AS FAST AS YOU CAN Loathe the inevitable clicking sound Clicking sound arrives Turn my Macbook off, pull hard drive, place back into freezer


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