what the hell is wrong with Wasilla, AK???


So, this is pretty much ridiculous.

"I had the privilege of living most of my life in a small town." -- Sarah Palin, 3 September 2008

Really? Living most of your life in Wasilla is a privilege? Perhaps you might want to rethink that.

2005 violent crime rates, per Uniform Crime Database (2005 is the most recent year full data is available, and is the last year Sarah Palin was the mayor of Wasilla)

Wasilla, AK - 1200
Chicago, IL - 1192
National average - 469.2

We all know Chicago is a violent place. It is, after all, the home of Bad, Bad Leroy Brown. But perhaps if Leroy were REALLY bad, he'd move to Wasilla. Here's something that should scare you.

2005 forcible rape rate

Wasilla, AK - 38.3
Chicago, IL - 33.8
National average - 31.7

Lest you think this is an outlier,

2003 (2004 the FBI did not publish rates for cities < 10,000 in population)

Violent crime

Wasilla, AK - 1728
Chicago, IL - 1300
National average - 475

Forcible rape

Wasilla, AK - 93.4
Chicago, IL - 45.0
National average - 32.1

Yes, you read that right. Under Sarah Palin, the rate of rape in Wasilla was nearly 300% the national average.

No wonder Palin wanted rape victims to pay for their own forensic rape examinations.


Actually, Sarah stepped down as mayor in 2002. Term limits prevented another run according to wikipedia.

Also, where on the fbi's site did you get your statistics? I can't find a source.

Upon closer inspection, your numbers for wasilla are garbage. In 2005, according to the fbi the total number of violent crimes was 94, with only 3 forcible rapes.

Check your facts. When I looked at the data it said 2003 is lower--1 rape for 6425 population. That's 15.6/100,000 population (not 93.4). Also, it's a little distorting to quote "rates" when the town is so small. One rape means a rate of 13/100,000 for the population size in 2005, and 18/100,000 for the population size in 2001. Still, it's interesting. It seems like 2 per year is "average" which, considering the size of the town, is a little high.


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