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so old!

NBC is running the premiere episode of SNL right now, in honor of George Carlin who hosted that night.

A full 50% of the people on here are dead today, I think. Carlin, Belushi, Andy Kaufman, O'Donoghue, Radner, Jim Henson... Billy Preston in the band...

I think that's more than 50%, now, and there's still 50 minutes of show left.

this is why fark.com has a FLORIDA tag

why i love wikipedia


well, that's a way to go

Of all the ways to find out about Tim Russert,

In a hotel suite in Lexington, Kentucky

In an email from Reno, the guy who runs Tampa Team Trivia

Which I only opened because Gmail cut it off as "A Great Loss, Tim"

And I was worried I was being fired


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