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Fox News should be banned. Seriously, I'm a huge First Amendment defender, but when a major network shows such disregard for truth, facts, and history, I gotta shut 'em down.

While discussing the possibility of a Lincoln-Douglas style debate between Clinton and Obama, Fox put up photos of Lincoln and Douglas.

Except they didn't show Stephen A. Douglas' photo. They used FREDERICK DOUGLASS' PHOTO.

Fox News is not a legitimate news organization.

I guess we know the answer to one question: Is Fox smarter than a fifth grader? NOPE.


Of awl the dwamatic things...
Rohjah Clemens is in McCready's box!



you wish you had my skillz

You know what that is? That is seven (I already ate one) quality guava-cream cheese pastries. Fresh and warm, puffy, crispy, sweet. You wish you had one right now. I know you do! But you can't have one right now. Because you're not here. Unless you're Jenn or Rob reading this right now, in which case yes, you can have one. Have more than one, seriously, because I can only eat about one of them. And there's fresh whipped cream in the fridge.

how lucid

Of course, the movie employs as its chief medium a brand of humor that appeals to the most childish and vulgar in its viewers. At its core, however, “Borat” attempts an ironic commentary of “modern” American culture, contrasting the backwardness of its protagonist with the social ills that afflict supposedly sophisticated society. The movie challenges its viewers to confront not only the bizarre and offensive Borat character himself, but the equally bizarre and offensive reactions he elicits from “ordinary” Americans. Indeed, its message lies in that juxtaposition and the implicit accusation that “the time will come when it will disgust you to look in a mirror.”

From a literary review of Borat? Perhaps an academic journal article in the critical-cultural field?


From Judge Loretta Preska of the U.S. District Court for Manhattan, dismissing the lawsuit against 20th Century Fox from the guy who runs effeminately away from Baron Cohen's pursuits on the city streets of New York.

Glad to see SOMEBODY understood the point of the movie. Kudos, Judge Preska.


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