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1. I am not a Hillary Clinton supporter per se, but if another Clinton in the White House means another government that saves more money than it spends, I am in favor of it.

2. $300 did nothing last time. It'll do even less this time.

3. We're borrowing this money from China. Like a collection service calling when you've missed a few credit card bills, China will be coming for us. Soon.

4. People spending money combined with cutting corporate taxes will not result in corporations hiring more workers. Corporations have plenty of money. In fact, corporations are doing amazingly well -- they can afford to pay utterly inept CEOs who drive can't-lose franchises into the ground millions just for leaving. Do you really believe corporations will use extra money to hire workers? THEY HAVE EXTRA MONEY NOW.

America is systematically defiling herself, and until we all wake up and pull our collective heads out of our asses, we're going to be heading toward a future in which our kids aren't being drafted to fight brown people, but yellow ones.

Fiscal responsibility. Now.

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You bring up some really good points, the problem is that no one really seems to care anymore what America is becoming. They sit back and act like eventually things will take care of themsleves, which just puts more pressure on the people who really care. And I would have to say that I don't necessarily like Hilary either but I do like a government that doesn't spend a lot of money, so you have a good point there.


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