a silent majority

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America is notorious for its silent majorities. It would seem that, at least within the Democratic Party, the Hillary Clinton supporters are one of these silent majorities.

The press maintains Hillary will have a "huge" Super Tuesday, yet I don't know a single person who is a Clinton supporter (I know a class or subgroup of people who are Clinton supporters, but I don't know any personally). It seems like the reasonable Democrat would realize Clinton is such a divisive individual that she couldn't possibly win a November election except against a similarly-divisive Republican candidate -- most of which have dropped out of the race.

So speak up, Clinton supporters. I need to know you're out there, and why you're sticking with her. Anecdotal evidence suggests not reasons for attraction to her but reasons to be repelled from Obama, which isn't really reason for supporting her at all. Notably, this process is going the exact opposite from 2004, in which friends and family who voted for Kerry in the primaries (I was, and remained until just days ago, an Edwards supporter) did so "because he can beat Bush," which (and maybe I was the only one) seemed rather ridiculous to me at the time -- fruit borne later in the general election.

The Republican candidate will end up being nominated after having been the choice of, at the most, 1/3 of his own party's voters. The Democrat will similarly be the choice of a minority population. That leaves a lot of votes left to be won. It seems obvious to me that the candidate most equipped to speak to that vulnerable population of voters is the one who can speak to them in a voice that gives them hope for a brighter future; a voice that can move the mountains that had become a permanent fixture on the horizon of their American consciousness.

It's clear there's one candidate left in the presidential race with those philosophically-terraforming capabilities. His name is Barack Obama.

1 Comment

I should have sent you this link yesterday when I found it, but for whatever bad reason, forgot:


Sorry about that. Will send it to your email as well.


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