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It's only been 20 years

Two decades ago...

Wesley Snipes was a no-name .

Quincy Jones was a crippled drug dealer.

Martin Scorcese was directing music videos.

And Michael Jackson was Bad.

#1 song on the Billboard 100, October 31, 1987.

We need a new Michael.

Well, that's over with

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Finished my third qualifying exam question last night. Gimme two weeks, and then it'll be defense time, and, presumably, ABD time.

All I want to do is sleep, but there's things like "work" to get to.

Idiot Red Sox fans redux and proof of bandwagonry

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I wrote more than a year ago about how Red Sox fans are idiots. I have reason to revisit that article, on account of K-Dub's observations on "a soulless, grim-faced monster-machine" and a recent Fark thread in which Red Sox fans behave like the undereducated, tunnel-visioned jackasses they are.

Let me put this succinctly. Red Sox fans are bandwagoners. I said that last year, and I say it now. "Red Sox Nation" did not emerge as an entity until the 2004 World Series. If "Red Sox Nation," the sea of red that invades ballparks across the country when the BoSox come to town, existed prior to 2004, where were they?

Devil Rays fans are all-too-familiar with the torrent of fans that accompany a home series against the Sox. Yet this phenomenon is actually fairly recent, having been instigated BY THE 2004 WORLD SERIES.

Quantitative data coming... Average attendance of a Boston Red Sox game vs. the Devil Rays @ Tropicana Field followed by the season average for all games at the Trop:

2007: 27,487 (average: 17,148) = "Red Sox Nation" boost of 10,339 or 60% increase
2006: 24,690 (average: 16,901) = "Red Sox Nation" boost of 7,789 or 46% increase
2005: 24,055 (average: 14,052) = "Red Sox Nation" boost of 10,003 or 71% increase
2004: 17,671 (average: 16,139) = "Red Sox Nation" boost of 1,532 or 9% increase
2003: 16,001 (average: 13,070) = "Red Sox Nation" boost of 2,931 or 22% increase
2002: 13,983 (average: 13,158) = "Red Sox Nation" boost of 825 or 6% increase

IMPORTANT NOTE: I have not the time to compensate in the yearly average for the Red Sox games; thus my numbers are actually conservative and the "Red Sox Nation" boost is heavily underestimated 2005-2007 and slightly underestimated 2002-2004.

To make a long story short, either a massive number of Red Sox fans immediately moved to the Tampa Bay area before the 2005 season, or a massive number of baseball fans decided to cheer for the Red Sox after their 2004 World Series win. That alone makes them jackasses; their public behavior only reinforces this characteristic.

A question on protocol

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I know you're supposed to stand up during The Star-Spangled Banner. But do I have to do it if I'm at home? Do I have to stop typing on IRC for the duration?

Also, James Taylor has turned our national anthem into an Adult Contemporary Christmas song. I expected a crossfade into Kenny G or Enya or Sarah McLachlan's "Adia" afterward.

Wil Wheaton rocks

Congratulations to Wil Wheaton, a true embodied Protean whose flexibility in moving from poker semipro to writer to actor and back again has influenced my academic work considerably, and who actually remembered me the last time I saw him in person.

He's the newest addition to Numb3rs, a show that is far too good to be on Friday nights, yet has managed to survive for three seasons now in that slot.

I'm anxiously awaiting the airing of his episode, which I will inevitably download instead of watching live.

A surprising find in my newspaper today

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Who might that be? Only my one true Tampa crush.

From today's St. Pete Times article on business students doing improv.

Adventures at Best Buy

I had to stop by Best Buy to look for something today, and while walking through the Latin music section, this CD caught my eye.

I saw it, and immediately said out loud and to no one in particular,

"Shouldn't it be ¡ahora!?"

Tony's drinking advice

The Onion is still posting articles

In the middle of qualifying exam question #1. Football is an unwelcome presence.

TAMPA, FL—Saying that their No. 2 national ranking is "not something we really want or need at this point," nervous University of South Florida head coach Jim Leavitt told reporters at the team's afternoon practice yesterday that he "more or less was hoping" that his team would lose one or more of their next several games.

Continued at The Onion...

Ready, set, GO!!!

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Comps have begun.

Thanks for all the well-wishes.

Luck, and things


I begin my doctoral qualifying exams tomorrow.

Plz to be wishing me the luck.

Bad choices of words, exhibit A

Mike Patrick on Virginia Tech's performance at LSU:

"They were murdered."

Attention Tim Kring

I enjoy Heroes. But how did you manage to get this far without anyone telling you that 400 years ago neither English nor Japanese were spoken the way they are today?

Hiro would be as misunderstood as someone speaking French to a group of Swahili-speakers.


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