I'm in love, I'm in love, I'm in love with... what?

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So I have a long-lasting and unrequited love for a cartoon character.

Specifically, I have a crush on Jeph Jacques' character Faye from his fantastic daily comic Questionable Content. I wouldn't normally admit this to you all, except that my having a crush on Faye came into play at the Hangout last night.

Amidst Reno the Team Trivia dude playing songs of mine he'd ripped off a CD I don't even know how he acquired (and his claiming to not even know it was me [!]) and THEN handing me the mike and ordering me to sing along with myself, and then the cute blonde who, seredipidously, will be in Cincinnati the weekend of Sicky's wedding, yet won't be my date as she's "going to see this guy," to which I responded, "Yeah, but you could be with ME," assuming this was a persuasive argument, which is a fantastic testament to my self-confidence and/or self-delusion, and yet her name was Bethany and that would have just been weird anyway.

Oh, wait, that's a sentence fragment.

Amidst all that, across the bar I see a girl down a Boilermaker (i think it was; it might have been an Irish Car Bomb or something along those lines) with the speed and expertise of a long-time drinker. She also happened to have the exact haircut of our friend Faye; she was missing the glasses, but the haircut was so spot-on I simply had to talk to her. You know, because women totally think you're straight when you want to talk to them about their hair.

So I go up to hipster/emo girl (couldn't tell from looking) and complimented her drinking ability. It was her 21st birthday, her friend explained, and isn't she already a pro? Frankly my Faye is a few years past 21 and I sort of lost interest, in addition to the phenomenon known as Whiskey Myopia having led me to believe she was Faye-worthy but really was just a mousy girl with fantastic hair who really sort of looked like a boy which was creepy.

So her name is Gina, and her friend's name is Katia, and I tell her that Gina isn't a very good cartoon character name, and shouldn't it be Faye, or Dora, or Hannelore, or ... (I bring up pretty much every female character from QC). She agrees, and says I can call her Gina, as in 'gina, as in a long I. I tell her that's interesting, because I happen to be long myself, but the joke was distended and I was disinterested and I went next door to try and convince Bethany she ought to go to Sicky's wedding with me.

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You are wonderfully strange in every way! Love it!


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