Anatomy of an ad

In the 1980's, Republicans looked to contemporary culture for their youthful hero-men. Most notably, they pointed toward Family Ties character Alex P. Keaton, the Reagan-loving Young Republican, as an icon for the age. In 1984, the Republican Party came to Michael J. Fox, the young actor who portrayed Keaton, hoping he'd perform in a role supporting the re-election of Ronald Reagan. Fox refused the request, saying that it would be improper due to his being a Canadian citizen.

Looks like he's changed his mind when it comes to supporting candidates.

Vote Democrat. Not just because Michael J. Fox said so, but because Republicans would rather see Mr. Fox suffer than do the right thing. Which is, of course, permit federal funds to be used for stem cell research. Throwing aside Iraq, the rest of the world laughs at us when we do things like ban stem cell research. It makes us look as backward-ass as the Arabs we claim to be at war with.

Watch the video again. Think about where we could be. Think about where we are. Think about the pen as a bridge to where we ought to be.


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