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The only abortions allowed under the bill would be if the life of the pregnant woman were in danger. There would be no abortions allowed in cases of pregnancy caused by rape or incest.

[08:46] <Bubbaprog> seriously, what is this country coming to
[08:46] <Bubbaprog> we literally are walking backward in time
[08:46] <Bubbaprog> er, not literally. figuratively.
[08:47] <sueb[work> we're not walking
[08:47] <sueb[work> we're running

suebhoney2005suebhoney2005 may be right, but I'm not cynical enough to believe her. Yet.

Seriously, in whose world does rape not put a woman's life in danger to begin with?

ignore the post hoc ergo prompter hoc


Hello there! I like the new digs :)

And that is a pretty sick story, isn't it? I guess we're both Commie Pinko Liberal Hoodlums

Depressing, yeah. But hey, we can stick together at least :-)

Great reading, keep up the great posts.
Peace, JiggaDigga


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