More insanity


This isn't meant to be a political blog, but sometimes things just make so little sense that I have to bring them up.

The Sago mine where shoddy safety standards led to the deaths of twelve miners paid $60 in fines for two violations.

CBS paid $500,000 in fines for showing a boob. For .5 seconds.

The Bush administration has openly relaxed mine safety regulations and cranked regulation up at the FCC.

Bushies, speak to me. Explain to me how the deaths of human beings are 10,000x less important than a breast?



I don't think there's too many Bushies left to answer that question.

I know way too many right here in Tampa :-/

according to the right-wing, boobs are more dangerous than bombs, ebola and Al Qaida combined. The only thing more dangerous is a vagina


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