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Fellow Ohio (and other midwestern university) alums will remember fondly/not-so-fondly Brother Jed, the fundamentalist preacher who along with Sister Sarah and a group of little tykes brainwashed to believe the "truth," informed college students daily of their certain path to Hell. Masturbate? You're going to hell. Drink alcohol? Hell. Lesbian or Gay? You'll burn in Hell with the pain of a thousand suns. One memorable Brother Jed episode involved a riot between the College Republicans and himself versus militant lesbian group (and some of my favorite people on campus) the Swarm Of Dykes.

It was May 7, 1999, and I was there.

Today the hateful fundies made their presence known next to Cooper Hall on USF's campus. I guess they're around often, but today's group attracted quite a crowd:

Perhaps the litany of sinners on the sign drew all the attention. After all, crazy fundies regularly inform us God hates gays, lesbians, witches, Mormons, Jews, "druggies," cheaters, masturbators, sex0ringors, porn watchers, and women. These guys' signs had all of those bases covered. But there was one group singled out that I'd never seen before:

You can't read it, considering how I took the photo with my telephone, but it reads "Sports Fanatics."

Sports fans are going to Hell?

Sure, gamblers are regularly singled out, and maybe rightly so to a degree. Even the usually openminded Jesus of Nazareth wasn't fond of the fellows throwing bones in the temple. But just being a fan is a one-way ticket to eternal damnation? Should I not watch the basketball games this weekend?

So, yeah, there were some shoving and screaming matches. LJ kiddos, you know what to do.

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OMYGAWD!! that is too funny! I'd forgotten all about this guy-- he used to come to the F.S.U. campus screaming about the Evil of rock n'roll and how women were weak and sinful sluts. And I remember the woman with him calling herself a "born-again virgin". It was pretty solid for entertainment value, though


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