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A quotation for the ages


"We are a great country... a great people. We are greater than the people who are leading us."

-Mike Barnacle, on Don Imus' show this morning

I thought this was funny

Made this while watching the Outback Pro-Am over at the TPC yesterday. Hale Irwin went and choked away his lead, possibly because of my friend's dog barking loudly. Click the video linky to see. (LJ people, you'll probably have to click the link below to go view this at the EW site).

Bye, Mr. Furley | I love me some boxing


Our esteemed landlord here at Apartment 201 has moved on to that great bachelor pad in the sky. We'll miss you, Mr. Furley, and your utterly foppish ways whilst sipping whiskey at The Regal Beagle.

We'll miss you, Ralph. Someone said today you used to be a sheriff's deputy in some small redneck village. How interesting.

Meanwhile, Fernando Vargas, despite talking serious smack on Rome's show this week, done got his face beat in like a mofo.

"Maybe it's a tumor."

Sometimes, it all comes together

Last night was one of the better evenings I've had in a while.

On the advice of David Jenkins, I tripped down to the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center for Ayinde Hurrey's one-man show Nappy Journeys, an outgrowth of his MFA project while at UF. I'm always up for cheap entertainment, especially when Jenn and Chris are staying in. As it turns out, a few of my favorite Jobsite theatre folks made the trip, too: in addition to David, in attendance were his wife and Jobsite regular Summer Bohnenkamp-Jenkins and the truly fabulous Katrina Stevenson. I said my hellos and settled in for, well, whatever I was about to see.

As it turned out, Ayinde's show is quite worthy of being dubbed off the hook, y'all. He's a pure riot, taking us through his lifelong relationship with hair, specifically of the nappy type. Nappy, the other "N" word. In the midst of it all, I ended up onstage, and while I won't get into details, I'll just say I received several compliments for my performance :-) Actor's equity, here I come!

Seriously, folks, it's a blast, and he's running the show two more times; Saturday (today) at 8pm and Sunday at 4pm. Make your way down to the PAC if you can, because it's worth it, and only $7.75 if you have a student ID.

Afterward, I joined the Jobsite folks and Ayinde, his crew, and his mom at The Hub, which has always been my favorite bar I never get to go to. While there, I ran into The Nemesis, who conveniently reminded me of her name when she sheepishly admitted she didn't remember mine. (I've always called her The Nemesis, or, here, "Sally." Her name is Alyssa, or Elissa). David, Summer, and Katrina really are as fantastic as you might imagine, and I really had a good time talking through so many things with them.

So everyone went home, and I stopped by the Hangout on my way home, where Rachel, Paul, and Ashley were rockin' it. I stayed for a few beers, and then made my way home... only to find Ian, my next door neighbor, had some people over. I don't exactly recall much of what went down there except that I hung out with Ian's sister Danelle for all sorts of time on the back porch.

Long story short, I got home at 5:30 and am rockin' a nasty hangover that bears witness to a pretty slayer evening. If you live in the Bay area, go see Ayinde. He's awesome. I love living here.

What you missed

See what you missed if you watched American Idol last night? Resi Steigler and her tiger ears.

C'mon, blue! Get with the game!

It's not a sin

You can have your Sasha Cohen. I'll be waiting 11 months, 5 days for a certain girl's birthday.

Drunken Don Cherry approves.

Arrivederci, U.S. women

Yes, you pretty much sucked the big one in these Olympics, but damn if you didn't look good doing it. (Jessica Schultz, the one in the headband thingy, is my fave.)

Reno felches

Reno is the guy who runs Team Trivia on Wednesdays at the Hangout. That's how we were greeted on our arrival to the bar a few weeks ago.

The Angel On My Bike

I love this house. It's huge, quiet, and I have all the space in the world. We have great furniture, an enormous kitchen, nice appliances, and lots of windows. I love my roommate who is smart, reliable, and pretty, and her cats, and her boyfriend, who is down to earth but on the ball.

I lose it all on June 1st.

Per my conversation with Jenn's dad this afternoon, the house is up for sale (realtor was over taking photos ALREADY today... my room and bathroom are a WRECK) and I have until June 1st to get out. Now, that might sound like a lot of time. It is, comparatively. But when you have as much furniture, tools, and boxes as I do, figuring out the logistics of it all will take... a long time. Add in that I have some huge papers to write and yet have to have the place ready for showing by Friday... well, this is some stress I really wasn't hoping for.

Yet I can look past all the stress. I'm most concerned with the fact that I've had this nice little egg in which to live and from which I have seen Florida since the day I moved here. I'm losing all that. I'm losing the cats, losing the nice house, losing the roommate. Inevitably, I'll be moving somewhere smaller and more expensive -- and without a driveway or garage. So, yeah, I'm bummed. And I have to find a new place to live -- and hopefully a new roommate or two. Dave's offered me his place, and it's nice, but it's freaking tiny. I'd have to rent an entire apartment just to hold all my stuff.

We hardly knew ye.

So, yeah, that was a bit of a bomb dropped on me this weekend. I have 15 more pages to write. I'll be back when I finish them. Gimme an hour.

A Cornucopia of Nonsense

1. WKU frat accused of hazing incident involving sex with a kid. They don't call it Wacky because of the school's name. (There's a goatse joke in here somewhere.)

2. Speaking of frats, one of my students invited me to give a talk at his fraternity (Alpha Kappa Psi) about the importance of public speaking in business. I've never given a talk before. My father pretty much does this for a living. Whatsoever shall I discuss?

3. I am in a smidge of trouble. Well, I have trouble with the trouble. It's rather as if I responded to the question, "How long have you been beating your wife?" with, "Only since she quit trafficking heroin for me."

4. Two words: Russian curlers. I sort of have crushes on the Americans Cassie Johnson and DEFINITELY Jessica Schultz. Mmm.

5. No, seriously, the blonde Russian? I'd have her babies.

6. My obsession with The KLF is out of hand. I've managed to find a torrent with pretty much everything they ever released; every single, every video, everything. These guys were so freaking weird. And awesome. I played 3 AM Eternal (Live at the S.S.L.) for my Persuasion students Wednesday. They looked on, bemused, being entirely unfamiliar with the act that sold more records worldwide than any other in 1991.

7. Meetings suck, and the one I have at 3:30 today takes the cake of suckitude. Not because I mind meetings as much as it is a pain in the ass to have to drive to campus on a Friday afternoon, and DRIVE BACK at 5pm.

8. Who knew 768 megs of RAM wouldn't be enough?

What. Are. They. Doing?


Cartoon Network has now shown the seven year old short Boo Boo Runs Wild at the 1am slot of [adult swim] for eight straight weeks. They could be showing an episode of Space Ghost: Coast To Coast or The Brak Show or maybe, just maybe, Cartoon Planet but no. They show the truly horrible Boo Boo Runs Wild, OVER AND OVER AGAIN. Their bump cards only state "we want you to learn every word." Well, thanks Cartoon Network, but it's so horrible I can't really bear to watch it.

If anyone has any idea what they're trying to accomplish with this nonsense, I'd like to know.

Back to work.

Eight years ago

Eight years ago, I unleashed a little nugget upon the world. My first "real" web page, it's possibly the ugliest thing in history. The fact I still have a copy of the site is hilarious to me. Most of the links actually work, but are of the wrong capitalization/etc to be loaded properly by apache. You won't want to look at the screen much longer than about three seconds.

1998. USA Hockey captain Cammi Granato.

Man, the internet sucked in 1998. To my credit, I really did have the only web site dedicated to Cammi Granato, and I got so many hits after we won the gold that my little Windows 98-based Netscape server (on Pentium 133 hardware) choked and died.

I have a million things to get to, kiddos, so this is all you're hearing from me for a while.

That was disappointing

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I came home from the bar where my friends and I had watched this year's Super Bowl (the annual ad review for which will be coming, most likely, Thursday), and settled down for the megahyped episode of Grey's Anatomy that I'd been looking forward to for so long. And by "so long," I mean a week.

How disappointed I was.

Why I love living in the big city

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The last two evenings, I have had the luxury of motoring downtown to the beautiful Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center. Jobsite Theater is pulling double-duty right now, with a front end of Suzan-Lori Parks' Topdog/Underdog and a nightcap of Michael Blieden's Phyro-Giants!.

Thursday was Topdog/Underdog. A darkly comic look at two brothers in a ramshackle apartment in some unnamed metropolis, it's the story of an ex-hustler of three-card monte and his younger sibling, a petty thief who dreams of a future dealing the same game. It's been reviewed in several places by people much more talented than I at theatre criticism, so I won't go into details. There's really only one word to describe Jobsite's production: intense. The script, which won the 2002 Pulitzer Prize, is rapid-fire and gorgeous poetry. The actors, longtime spoken word artist and comic "ranney" and young actor/2nd grade teacher Derek Lance Jefferson, are amazing at bringing Parks' words to life, and the sparse set's masterfully done by USF grad Brian Smallheer. I was fortunate to talk to the director, Paul Potenza, at intermission and briefly after the show, where he expressed his gratitude for my support. Support is not a strong enough word to describe what this performance deserves. It's really, really, really good, folks. I have to urge you to check it out before it closes next weekend. Tickets are 50% off with a college ID, so there's really no excuse for you to miss it. Please, please, please do yourself a favor and see this show. We really don't deserve stuff this good in a town like ours.

Last night, after a boring meeting, an impromptu happy hour, USF basketball game, and dinner with my friend Jillian, her husband, brother, and his wife, I again ran down I-275 to the TBPAC. Upon arriving, I saw "ranney" and Jefferson talking to friends outside the theater, and I spoke with each briefly about the previous night's performance. I'm not a starf*cker by any means, but I love that I was able to impress upon these gentlemen my appreciation for their craft. I made it a point to bring up [info]obetz to Jefferson, an alum of Morehouse College's drama program.

I then headed into the theatre for Phyro-Giants!. Paul Potenza had introduced me the night before to Ryan McCarthy, who plays Melvin in this show about four... we'll call them friends... finishing dinner at a restaurant. It's a short show, 70 minutes with no intermission, and again there are myriad reviews so I won't go into all that. [info]maladr1n showed up to introduce the show, and I tried to stick around afterward to see if he was around but it was raining and so I went home. Director Kari Keller was standing in for the waitress role (and did a great job) so I didn't get to talk to her, either, but I must impress upon you all that this show is breathtaking in the sense that you'll laugh so hard you won't have any breath yet. Shawn Paonessa, who did a phenomenal job in co-writing and starring in this past summer's March of the Kitefliers (about which a little bird told me some news might be coming) is hilarious himself, but it's really McCarthy who steals the show. He's the kind of actor I'd like to be someday. Kat Stevenson and Summer Bohnenkamp-Jenkins are crisp and endearing.

It's the directing, though, that keeps this show together. I've coached plays for a long time, and I know how difficult it is to keep dialogue coming quickly yet still have it appear natural. Jobsite's Phyro-Giants! is phenomenal in this aspect. It's particularly important with the different audience reactions I'm sure they're getting every night. I grew up in the theater, my mom being a director and occasional actor, so I have a weird appreciation for it. I've now seen two shows directed by Kari Keller, and I pretty much have a huge crush on her because of it. I wonder if she's single.

There's a week left of both shows. Do yourself a favor and find a night to see both. Check your times at the Jobsite Theater web site and make a evening of it. For half the price of a ticket to Wicked you can see two great shows from right-up-close. Bring some friends. You won't be disappointed, and if you are, I'll personally refund your money. We're amazingly fortunate to have people who work this hard in the Bay area.


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