I sincerely need one of you to answer this question for me.

The federal government has spent $200 billion so far on the war in Iraq. The arguments for and against the war have been repeated ad nauseam; suffice to say that the current argument for our involvement there is that it's for the best of the Iraqi people.

Yet we are constantly being urged as citizens to donate money to help the victims of Katrina.

Explain to me how our government has the money to "help" Iraqi citizens but not to save our own American citizens.

Please. I need to know this. It is an utter embarrassment that our government is coming to the citizens for MORE money (the Defense Department alone gets $500 billion a year, or $5,000 from every household in America). The world is mocking us.

(That having been said, please give what you can. Even though we shouldn't have to.)


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