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Was at the Hangout for seven hours last night. kept trying to leave, Dave kept buying me drinks. that place is great except for the whole lack-of-anyone-else-my-age-ever-being-there.tonight Cheap Trick plays a free show at the Hard Rock. There were rumours about us going to see it, and playing some poker while we were out there, but I haven't heard back from anyone. Apparently it's part of some kind of Rusty Wallace farewell tour. Anyway, it's Cheap Trick, so why not? I haven't been back to the Hard Rock since I was in Las Vegas. I want to request "Reactionary Girl" from Robin Zander and see if he gets pissed and shoots laser beams out of his eyes or something.All I know is: I am not sitting at home tonight. Summer's too short for that crap. Yes, I've been out every night for the past two weeks and need a break. But breaks can come... later.

They Airbrushed My Face

I asked my friend Tracy what to do about my constant bags under my eyes. She emailed me back, but not with a remedy.They Airbrushed My Face (sickdogg might be the only person on earth who gets that)

tying up loose ends

I woke up this morning to find a nice, handwritten letter from Caitlin on my doorstep, apologizing for last night and promising not to have any more people over this summer. It had the overtones of a letter Jenn was making her write, but either way, I guess it shows they really like having me here, which is nice. I like living here, I just don't like the drama. By the way, in case there is any confusion, the Ashlee Simpson icon is used as irony, or as Jim Rome reference. I am not an Ashlee Simpson fan and indeed could not even tell you one of her songs.


So here is how tonight went.Met thatsmyjew and she is freaking awesome. Though there is only so much you can say about someone whom you know will be reading what you write about them.Performance went fine. everyone found me amusing. i think.Came home and was annoyed because there were a bunch of cars in the drive and thus I had to park down the block. There were two thuggish-guys out front arguing. This can't be good. I walked inside the house and discovered Caitlin passed out in the bathroom. Her boyfriend informed me that one of the guys out front had shoved her in an argument and she'd hit her head on the formica countertop in the kitchen. I start getting loud and noisy about how she needs to go to the hospital, in hopes of waking up Jenn. I succeed. There are like eight people in the house at this point (remember, Caitlin was only being allowed to live here this summer under the pretense that she not have ANYONE over.) So they tell Jenn that Caitlin "slipped on water in the kitchen" and Jenn immediately pulls out a cigarette. I reach over to Jenn and ask if she has the situation under control and she says yeah, go to bed. I'll tell her the truth tomorrow. Right now, caitlin needs to be in a hospital. she's quite fucked up. her thug, wifebeater-wearing friends need to hit the fucking door. i'm sick of their piece-of-trash asses being in my house.

Open mic time again

I swear I'll try to go on after 1:00, but you should probably start listening at 12:30 just in casehttp://www.aaronsmusic.com/openmikes/openmikelive_pegasuslounge.asx as usualone new song tonight, but it's a good one

There are worse things in the world

1. Princeton Review hired me to teach test prep. Unfortunately, they want me to teach SAT (I'd wanted to teach LSAT or GRE) and only pay $12 an hour. Also, their only training session is the weekend of my pops' retirement party. So I won't even be able to start working there until the fall anyway.2. I ended up auditioning with "Morning Glow" from Pippin. It's a song I hadn't really heard in about ten years, and so I spent all day practicing. It's a pretty perfect song for my voice, and I felt confident with it. oh, yeah, and i needed a head shot for my audition, so i set up lights in the loft and took this. it turned out okay3. I arrived at the 80-year-old Richey Suncoast Theatre, met George, the guy I met at Busch Gardens in line for SheiKra, and took a seat in the front of the cute little theatre. The director is this old woman. She's somewhat amusing. The rest of the people I was auditioning with included:one guy older than me, the guy who takes community theatre way too seriouslyone guy my age, who was disheveled and actually managed to sing ANOTHER song from Pippina bunch of little kidsabout 25 high school girlsThe disheveled dude will come into play later.4. I was 15 minutes late owing to US54 being a butthole. So I was late in the rotation. Finally my number is called up. I notice that we started with #31, so 30 people must have auditioned last night. I hope that's when all the people my age auditioned. I decided to do this entirely because I wanted to meet some new people, and if all I'm meeting are high school girls, well, that's t3h suck. 5. Finally it is my turn. I start off a little shakily. Nerves, I guess. I hit my stride later, but then blank on the last two lines. I point to disheveled dude and ad lib, "line?" but he just stares at me. 6. I catch the last line and everyone claps, which was notable because for the most part, nobody else got clapped for at the auditions. Honestly, I was one of the better people there, if not the best. I feel pretty confident I'll get Pharaoh, though I don't know who auditioned the night before.7. I manage to get through the dancing audition without killing myself.8. I drive to the hangout where I a) win yet another hold'em tournament b) hang out with Caitlin for hours waiting for her to dance in the bootyshake contest because i promised her i would watch c) get fed up around 2:30 and leave because there are 93 men and 45 women in the bar and the women are just surrounded by Clones d) and realize that i really get annoyed by all this stupid shit.9. Come home, get a call from the director, I didn't get the role I wanted. I am, however, going to have a solo as one of the brothers. I don't know which brother I'm playing yet, though. Hopefully it's the funny one. So, yeah. Monday, Wednesday, Friday nights the rest of the summer will be full of rehearsals. I hope to god there's people my age in this thing, because i'm going to be really miserable spending all that time working on this if I'm not meeting new friends.

It's a beautiful day

I have an "audition" for Princeton Review at 3:00 where I get to talk about a non-academic subject for five minutes so they can determine if I am a decent lecturer. I feel as if I am Alex Rodriguez being asked to take BP so they can tell if I can "hit for power."Later I have an audition for Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat over in New Port Richey. I still haven't decided what song I'm going to use for my audition. I guess if the trend there is to audition a song for the character you want, then I'd sing the Pharaoh's song. If the trend is to not do that, I'll sing something from Carousel or even another ALW musical, perhaps one of the more obscure ones. I haven't auditioned for a role in five years. This is so weird.Also, poker was great at Tina & Charles' and I felt much better afterward.

June 21, 2005 - Pegasus Lounge, Tampa, FL

1. Intro (1:41)
2. (I'm in love with a) Lesbian (3:01)
3. Bush Voter (3:52)
4. It's Hard Not To Notice (VD) (3:30)
5. Blondie's Got A Boyfriend (3:13)
6. Monkeys Coming Out Of Your Ass [Poltz] (3:01)

While I had a few stumbles owing to my songs all being only a day or so old (except for Lesbian, which I played by request) I think it was my best night at the Pegasus. I like my new songs; I think they're better "songs." Bush Voter went over a lot better than I expected. Who knew the Pegasus was a hideout for liberals? All in all, it was just a fun time and I think my voice sounded good for the most part.

May 26, 2005 - Pegasus Lounge, Tampa, FL

1. Intro (1:10)
2. (I'm in love with a) Lesbian (2:50)
3. Haunted (3:14)
4. Cow Brain Sandwiches (3:09)
5. Lights in California (3:33)
6. Handjob on a Church Bus [Poltz] (4:30)
7. Mother's Day/Jennie's Song (4:36)

Handjob went over amazingly well, the whole bar participated. The rest of the night was just okay.

Drove downtown in the rain, 9:30 on a Tuesday night

Summer's here. Today I wrote some essays on tourism and paid for two new tires which I'm promised will be in tomorrow. If they're not, then I overpaid. Last night at the Hangout, we placed 9th in the country in Passport, 4th in Countdown, 2nd in Countdown, and then 1st in Wipeout. LA Hangout was dominating the nation. After Wipeout, we went and sang karaoke... I had no idea that tinafizz was such a great singer. She's AWESOME. Dave sang a few times, too. I sang Brian Wilson (BNL) and Blue Clear Sky (George Strait) mainly because I wanted to impress Lesbian Bartender whom really seems to enjoy touching me more often than you normally touch someone in normal conversation. I am almost convinced that I am about to perform The Great Conversion. Rumour has it I did that once before, but that's a story I'm definitely not sharing here.I realize that I am a dork for enjoying trivia, but, shit, we're a team of like five people and we regularly beat the other 3,000 bars in the country playing. Shit, I'm a competitive person. Bite me.I still need to watch that Who Wants To Be A Hilton show. My friend Ann is on it. I guess she made a fool of herself the other night? I have no idea. NBA is on tonight, so it'll have to wait. Then again, it's summer. I have plenty of time. (Especially if it rains all day like it did today.)I received the coolest wedding invitation today. It's for a wedding in San Francisco that I'm seriously considering attending, especially if aeforge finds me a date. I tried to take photos, but my camera, I think, broke as I turned it on. If my camera is fucked, that's yet another expense I'll have to take on. I am haemmoraging money faster than a 2000-era dotcom.

It's hard not to notice VD

Sorry if anyone deigned to listen to me last night, because I did not play after 1 as promised. I played from 12:30 to 1. It went stupendously. Here is my setlist.1. Lesbian2. Bush Voter3. It's Hard Not To Notice4. Blondie's Got A Boyfriend5. Spur-M (i think?)6. Monkeys Coming Out of Your AssI prefaced Monkeys with "this is a weird song" and Aaron said something along the lines of "with you singing, that's redundant"I got a flat tire on the way home. Limped back to Roper Central (mind you, this is at 3:45am) and now I'm waiting for AAA (as what I knew would happen happened; the idiots at Dubwerx tightened my lug bolts with an impact wrench and thus i broke the tire iron in my attempt to remove them). I have 40 pages due at 6 that I haven't started yet. Brilliant. I'm sitting outside waiting for AAA and it's fucking hot out here.

a quick note

if you are masochistic, click the link below and it'll go to a live feed to the bar where i'm playing tonight. i'll go on a little after 1:00am ET probably.http://www.aaronsmusic.com/openmikes/openmikelive_pegasuslounge.asxor don't, i don't really care :-) i'm playing all new stuff tonight so who knows how it will work out.

The Razor's Edge

Courtesy Aaron, it's my full performance at the Pegasus Lounge on May 19th, 2005... I'll put up the May 26th performance tomorrow or Thursday.

I was hammered as shit

1. Intro (1:43)
2. Woke You Up (1:40)
3. Coffee In Your Cup (3:41)
4. Spur-M (2:18)
5. Shawn Kemp Is My Daddy Blues (3:32)
6. Waterfalls [TLC] (3:23)

I hit on a blonde with bangs tonight at the Hangout for a half hour until she started talking about her boyfriend. Gahhhh.sickdogg posted some great pics from his trip to Tampa last week here. Go comment in his LJ so he posts more often.


Moms sent me this photo that appears to have been victimized by some photo software's auto-redeye-remover algorithm. Still a cool photo of the three of us, one we took not nearly enough of while Jen and sickdogg were in town last week.

Phone Post


A brief update

About to head out to Busch Gardens with sickdogg and Jen. Very, very, very excited to ride SheiKra. Will provide back a full report, _pookah_, as AFAIK Mike hasn't been down here to ride it yet (?)Last night went to Ybor, James Joyce, Adobe Gilas, place was dead. It was Monday after all.Yesterday, St. Pete Beach, and before that, Apollo Beach & the Skyway.Sunday night, Peabody's (hi karmaconniption), campus tour, and all day at Honeymoon Island.Saturday night, poker at tinafizz's. Good times so far. Also, that's the most lj user tags I've ever used in one post. Hmm.

zomg i am smart

"You know a boy has become a man when he stops hoping his date is a virgin and starts hoping she isn't."-myself, 5:11am 11 June 2005

Live from Los Angeles, this is the Jim Rome Show

I'll try to keep this short so you can forward it. Pardon theintermittent all-caps. Before you wonder -- this is *not* that e-mailthat recirculates every couple of years. It's new; it's bad. If youconsume public broadcasting at all (or embrace its ideals) and wouldlike it to maybe not disintegrate entirely over the next year or two,READ: http://www.apts.org/news/house_cuts.cfmA U.S. House subcommittee voted today (9 June 05) to cut federalsupport for public broadcasting by GODDAMNED 46 PERCENT. Also,advance funding for the CPB -- which has been the practice for 30years to protect public broadcasting from political abuse -- wasELIMINATED.THESE CUTS ARE EVEN DEEPER THAN THE PRESIDENT PROPOSED.Separately,READ: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2005/06/08/AR2005060802528.htmlThe DC post reported THIS MORNING (9 June 05) that a former co-chairof the Republican National Committee is the leading candidate to takeover the CPB.Now,CALL: http://www.visi.com/juan/congress/Call your Congressman or woman and call both of your U.S. Senators.That's a link to a site where you can enter your zip code to get theright information. (Even better: write a letter.)


Drudge headline: JACKO REPORTER IN FEAR OF CRAZED FAN; COURT ISSUES RESTRAINING ORDERIs there any noun other than "fan" to which the adjective "crazed" is applied? If so, I've never seen it.I'm not ignoring y'all. I'm just really, really busy. The Sneakdogg rolls in this weekend, and I have some crazy-ass stuff going on elsewhere that I know I've not written about but I'll get to soon, I promise.Tonight I drive up to the retirement village where my parents have a house, they are in town and so are my aunt and uncle. My parents are wayyyyyyyyy too young to be retired, I hate driving up there. But I like getting to see my parents, and they are only down here about twice a year. *sigh*

I have a new crush

...and her name is Thomasin Franken. Wow, wow, wow. I remember reading about her in Al's early books and wondering what she looks like. Well, she is hot. And she is writing for the Huffington Post. And I want to marry her because, wow, could you imagine what a wedding held by Al Franken would be like?The guest list would include nearly everyone who's ever been on Saturday Night Live. IT WOULD BE THE BEST WEDDING EVER


Seriously, I hate going to the bitch-about-roommates play, but when Caitlin has people over (which she's allegedly not supposed to do) and they sit on the porch and smoke, it all drifts up directly into my room (which is immediately above the porch). And they smoke the nastiest-smelling cigarettes known to man.I am not quite sure how to approach the subject. I hate bitching so usually in my life I've just dealt with it, but I'm staying in this apartment because I thought I was living with nonsmokers, and while I don't want to leave, perhaps I can use a threat of leaving to get their dad to install a fan in the porch or something.All I know is that I refuse to have my shit smelling like smoke, and whenever someone smokes (or in particular, more than one person smokes) this entire room smells like that.It is hard for me to be critical of smokers as I have so many friends who do, but the world would be a far better place if cigarette smoking were banned and violators were summarily executed. Gahhh


OMG SHE'S A BUSH VOTERand by that i mean "bush voter" not just "someone who voted for bush"

Who's that girl

1. To ensure I did not create Woke You Up girl #2, I called at 7pm.2. A wise man once wrote, "Never write a story 'til it's finished. If it's worth telling, you don't have time."3. I was that wise man, and I wrote it on a cocktail napkin while peeing into a urinal at the L.A. Hangout.4. The story isn't finished, so I don't have time to tell it to you. Yet.i never left las vegas

wtf mate

wtf mate
i left the house with a pair of red boxers on under my jeans

hours ago they left in the hands of a redhead named amber

she said she'd call me tomorrow

she better

memories are made of this

i may not remember her name, but at least i know the last person i made out with now.g

Hooray for me

Entered a real, Vegas No-Limit Hold'Em tournament this morning. Was just knocked out. Out of 115 competitors, I made it to the final table, finishing 10th. It would have been nice to win the $1050 prize for first place, but I got my entry fee back so I have that going for me at least, and I made the final table at a real, legit Vegas Hold'Em tournament on the eve of the World Series of Poker which is fuckin' cool.


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