Bloody bumfuck

Before my political rant, here is a clothing-related one.

What the fuck is up with the fact I can never find anything in my size? Every time I find a shirt I like, it's only available in XL, XXL, or XXXL. This is happening time and time again here in Tampa. I WEAR SIZE SMALL. And I'm not even that small a guy. So people smaller than me are *really* fucked. I honestly do want to know why stores only stock XL, XXL, and XXXL-sized shirts. All I want is a nice Devil Rays shirt to wear to games, but nobody can help me.

Political rant below. I'm not lj-cutting it because it deserves to be read.

If there is any better reason to despise our current federal administration, here it is:

Tonight's 60 Minutes reported on the rise of abstinence-only sex education in public schools. Now, I've come out strongly against this in the past, but tonight's report made my blood pressure dangerously high. Abstinence-only sex ed is now being taught in ONE THIRD of U.S. public schools. The main supplier of materials for teaching purposes is a firm that has been awarded funding from the federal government. But that's the wrong thing to focus on. Here's what we *should* be focusing on:

-Teachers are forbidden from discussing the effectiveness of condoms. They are only allowed to report that condoms fail "14 to 16 percent of the time" (which is a PATENT FALSEHOOD. The Centers for Disease Control, A U.S. GOVERNMENT AGENCY, EXPLAINS THAT CONDOMS ARE NEARLY 100 PERCENT EFFECTIVE).

Furthermore, if a student asks a teacher how to properly use a condom (a necessary condition for condom effectiveness), THE TEACHER IS FORBIDDEN BY LAW FROM INSTRUCTING THEM.

Not only are we *not* teaching safe sex, OUR TEACHERS ARE BANNED FROM TEACHING IT.

Sorry for all the caps, but I'm livid. Every student, EVERY STUDY, ever done on abstinence-only sex education programmes have concluded that they are "ineffective" at best, and INCREASE INCIDENCES OF STDs AND TEEN PREGNANCIES in most cases (google for the Minnesota study for more info).

Goddammit, I fucking hate this administration. It's a shame that we won't feel the full brunt of their blunders for another fifteen-twenty years.


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